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May 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Instant-Dry in Blue Streak (Trend Color for this Summer Time)

Hi Beauty Viewers! Thanks for stopping by again and Welcome! Today I want to share with you a very inexpensive nail polish color you can get to be in trend this summer. The color for the moment, the one is rocking between the stars and a recommended by Allure Magazine is Teal (a combination between blue and green). And Sally Hansen has a...I would say metallic color in that shade. I, personally, prefer a matte color for nails, but this ones is super cute!:)

This line by Sally Hansen Instant-Dry is around US$4-4.95...you can get them (most of the time) in you local drugstore or you can also try: WalMart, Ulta, CVS, Walgreens, etc. As you can see it has a metallic or perl-y look to it. I honestly love it. However,you have to put 2 coats to get the color as you see it in the jar. It does dry fast...maybe a minute

Here is the color 240, Blue Streak.

And in case, you are wondering, yes, you are right, you see air ball in my nails, my bad! :P  I got too close to my fan when i was painting my nail and...well...you know the rest. I also painted the nails of my toes and I can tell you, this is not the right finish...that was me :P
Ok, beauty viewers, that is for today! Hope you get inspire to get your own teal color for this summer! If you have a favorite nail polish for this summer or one that is your favorite, let me know!

Sally Hansen Instant-Dry in Blue Streak (Trend Color for this Summer Time)
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