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Jun 2, 2011

Biore Noise and Face strips

Hi Beauty viewers! Sorry I haven't been able to post lately, but was sick with Pharyngiti :(  Yeah, I know, no fun, but what can we do :P
Now, let's talk about what we really want! Beauty! LOL

Ok, dunno about you guys, but I have HUGE pores (not happy about it), and I am always looking for a new way to clean them, pamper them, etc.
The Biore Noise and Face strips are so popular that had to give it a try.
I was first introduce to Biore, thnx to my big sister, she was always so in trend and really a pro on the makeup tips and tricks. And I saw her using this strips, in that time, didn't care about it and was not really curious either...lately I am using a DIY pores cleansing, but recently i do not have time for this, so I wanted to try the Biore strips..now! They are recommended by Allure, so definitely worth the try.

And of course here is what I got:

I got the face and noise strips, 7 face and noise strip, which makes a total of 14.

Here you can see all the items separated. The noise strips are the white ones and the face strips are the green ones.

Here is a closer look at the Face strips. As most products, it comes with instructions on how to apply them at the back. Pretty much you need to have your face clean, then wet the are you are going to apply the noise try, take the strip off the plastic and then apply it on the wet area. Wait till it dries (about 10-15msnt) and peel off from the edges to center.

Here is a closer look at the noise strips, same instructions.

More instructions on the other side.

Here is a photo of how the noise strip looks like.

They create the noise strip, trying to get close to the noise shape.

The face strips are straight, and this ones, you can cut them to get the right shape or closer to the shape of your face, you are going to apply the strip.

Here is a closer look.

So that is it, very simple.
Now, I have heard reviews, saying it really hurts, but no pain no gain, right? :'(..I guess...
If you have found a less painful procedure, please leave a comment, definitely will loveeee to know!
Already try it, but fail, my bad, going to try on the weekend and I'll let you know how painful was for me :P LOL

Ok, fashion and beauty viewers, will see you in my later post, take care and remember the beauty comes from the inside out!
Biore Noise and Face strips
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  1. oye ileanita que opinas sobre lo qeu dicen muchos que usar ese tipo de tecnica para quitar los puntos negros es agrasiva para la misma piel????

  2. @AnaDeadMystic: Pienso que tiene mucho que ver con tu tipo de piel y si lo hace muy de seguido.