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Jul 14, 2011

Drugstore Haul and Review: Skin Care Products Olay, Deep Clean Neutrogena & Real Techniques Samantha Chapman Kabuki Brush

Hi Guys!
I did a small drugstore purchase around a month ago, more or less and wanted to share with you some of the products I got and at the same time, share my thoughts.
I was looking for a night cream, but also something for my wrinkles, you know you have to prevent those line!! or, in the other hand, if you already have some (like me :P), then start working on them! LOL
Let's start with skin care first:

I got this Olay anti-wrinkle night cream, it contains 2.0 onz

Also I got this eye cream anti-wrinkle, also from Olay, wtih a 0.5 onz

This is my favorite Toner right now, the Deep Cleen for combiantion- oily skin from Neutrogena, I needed to re-stock :P This toner is really good for combination skin, you feel refresh, I think this ones is great for summer. Panama has a lot of humidity, so works perfect for humid weather :D

Now, let's take a closer look, for those that might be interesting in getting this

It defenitely has a creamy texture, due to the fact is a night cream, however I think, if you have oily skin, you'll love this one. Is creamy but light, doesn't feel grease when I apply it on my skin at night, I am very impressed

Dunno if you can appreciate how light it is on camera, but hopefully you can have an idea. Also for those who are scented lovers, well...dunno if you are gonna like this. It does have a soft sweet smell at the beginning, but honestly it smells a bit like medication...I know is odd, is hard to explain, but since I really don't care about the smell, it doesn't bother me, so if smell is important for you, I'll rather go for another unscented night cream.

Now let's talk about the eye cream. In comparison to the night cream, this one is really creamy, and I recommend to place a small amount under your eyes, cuz at the beginning I applied a bigger amount and lately started to bother my eyes, but then I just lower the amount of product and the problem was solved. So take that into consideration. Same smell recommendation for this one, if you prefer no smell, look for another unscented eye cream, this one has like a soft soup smell, if that makes any sense. Again it really doesn't bother me :P

Here I tried to showed you the texture, really creamy, again, dunno if you can tell.

One of the most amazing happened when i got into the brushes ares inside the drugstore... I found the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman!! I was really curious about this, since ColorSweptBeauty uplead her review on this brushes! And honeslty I never thought we'll get them here! But they are!! I took this ones and is amazing!!

This is how the packaging looks like. Explain about Samantha and the Kabuki brush, what is for, what you can achieve, etc.

I was curious why such a tall packaging for such a small brush, but it was really cute packaging. Now some peopl might say is a waste of space...so is your call.

Here is a close up of the kabuki.  Can you see the line in the center, well that is the beauty of this particularly kabuki brush, it pops open.

This is how it looks open. This brush is reaaaaally soft, I love it! Is soft enough to apply your product without harming your skin, but dense enough to be able to pick up the product very well.  A a regular close kabuki is perfect for applying powder, mineral foundation and blush. And open is great for contouring with bronzer!

Here is my had, so you can compare the size of the kabuki.

Finally I was looking for round silver earrings and bump into this ones! I think the details is so pretty.

Here is a closer look

That is it for now, not a big haul, but I think was a good review!!
See you all in the next beauty post, beauty viewers!! bye!!
Drugstore Haul and Review: Skin Care Products Olay, Deep Clean Neutrogena & Real Techniques Samantha Chapman Kabuki Brush
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  1. This is very easy to use. The consistency is like a thin-to-medium eye cream. Almost a foundation consistency. I strongly recommend Olay for young man and women who do not have enough time to take care of their skin.

    Tummy Tuck

  2. @alvispetter ,
    Yeah, Olay is really good, cuz so far so good, the only down side is that sometimes is bothers my eyes, so I try to put the cream not too close to my eye/lashes area :P

  3. These are good products of Olay. I like about many features and description of this skin product. Its really amazing.

    save a marriage

  4. To find the best wrinkle cream or other skin products based on their skin type, read consumer wrinkle cream reviews before making any decision.

  5. me ha dado ganas de probar ese crema para los ojitos , ando buscando uno pero aun no me decido :(

  6. puedes creer que de todas las brochas de RT me falta esa?
    no se cuando me la comprarè :S

  7. Sabes donde puedo encontrar las benditas borchas de real techniques? la gama completa? he buscado por todos lados en panamá y nada! donde consigo la linea completa bella?


  8. @Janette: Hola linda, gracias por dejar el comentario. Bueno, conseguir la línea completa no estoy segura, va a depender de lo que encuentres en el momento, no he encontrado ningún local donde la tengan completa siempre. En donde encuentro más variedad a veces es en las Arrochas de Calle 50 y Albrook Mall.
    Espero la info te sirva, ya vi que tienes canal de youtube y blog, te sigo! Abrazosss :D