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May 25, 2011

Small NYX Haul, plus a few skincare re-stock

Hi Beauty viewers! As I promise, I wanted to share with you a super small NYX haul. On the weekend I was lucky to pass at our most incredible longest mall here in Panama, Albrook Mall.
We have a Store called "Makeup Factory" and they distribute NYX, LOVE IT!!

Let's get started...

This is how they wrap your purchase, with a white bag and a their card clip on it. I think is super cute!

I just picked up 3 items: A Coral Blush I was dying to try out long time ago, a white eyeliner for my water line I was looking for so long and finally a nude lipstick. I loveeee NYX round lipsticks! They are awesome!!!!

First, let's start with the round lipstick.

As you can see, I added a pic of the name of the item, so I don't forget to tell you...LOL

It's a super pretty nude color, unfortunately is not a good one for me, is too much close to the color of my skin, so I look too pale with it...now! To make it work, I add NYX orangy lipgloss to top it up and works like a charm! :D
Now let's talk about this blush....I JUST LOVE IT!!!

It might look a bit chalky, but is quite pigmented, and probably the camera wasn't able to get the color right, sorry about that.

I made a swatch here, still think you can't really see it, sorry...best I could do. It does shows, but a bit...

The shade is Cinnamon and is a corally shade, perfect for this summer time, the orange is the new color trend now!

This is the Long Pencil Eye lines from NYX, I was looking for a white eyeliner, like I said before, for my waterline and was looking for a smooth and soft eyeliner, so it doesn't hurt me later. I own a about 6 or 7 NYX jumbo eye pencils, and they are sooooo smooth and soft on my lids, so I thought this one will be a good idea. Later on if you want I can make a full review on the NYX products I own...what you think?...

As you can see is a good white matte color, exactly was I was looking for.

A little bit closer :D

Is from the line Long Pencil Eye, like I mention before.

Then, I stop at my local drugstore Arrocha, here in Panama,  and re-stuck some items for my skincare routine. This sponge applicators are a must! I used them to apply my foundations ( a few ones) and also, to apply my oil control product, Milk of Magnesia...I know it sounds weird, but it does works!

This package brings 16 pcs. each.

It's US$1.53...probably you'll get a better deal in the USA for less, but here is a good brand for the price.

Is from Cala.

Very regular standard shape sponge applicator.

One more view.

And finally, my daily Blackhead Clearing Facial Scrub from Clean&Clear. This is supposed to be a line lining to teenagers, but it does works for me, I have very sensitive skin, but because of the humidity here, my face gets really dirty, plus I have oily skin, so you can get the idea...so I use this scrub, since it's made to use it daily, but just once a day, and it have done the job! :D Very happy with it.

Is super affordable, at US$6.21. I but it on the supermarket.

It's the 80g, it usually last me between 4-6 months, daily use, give or take.

As well as all scrub, it contains bids that do the exfoliating process.

And finally a closer look.

Ok, guys that was it! Kinda small, but hopefully informative.
See you in my next post, take care, bye!!
Small NYX Haul, plus a few skincare re-stock
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  1. I LOVED this store, spent all my money there :-)