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Jul 16, 2011

Loreal HYDRAFRESH Moisturizer normal to oily skin SPF 15

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a great weekend! :D
I published a post about Loreal's HYDRAFRESH Moisturizer in gel, back in february and was wondering if this product was just for Latina America, cuz I didn't see any online for other countries, however maybe my research wasn't that good back then, cuz I finally found it.
Right now most of the countries are in summer time, so heat is everywhere, therefore, I thought this information might be helpful, if you are looking for a good moisturizer for this summer.
You always have to moisturise your face, even in summer time, but you should try to get your hands on a light weight moisturizer, a gel or serum consistancy. I can assure you there are many outhere, so this is just one option and an affordable one.
Loreal has this HYDRAFRESH Moisturizer normal to oily skin SPF 15, which I think is perfect for summer time, is light and has SPF15, can't go wrong with that.
Image source: Loreal Paris

As you can see in the picture is a Gel-creme consistancy, it also says is for normal to oily skin types, which I think is a great range, almost all skin types.
This super fresh gel-creme provides a burst of moisture that perfectly quenches and hydrates skin. The refreshingly light, non-sticky texture is absorbed in a flash, perfect under makeup. Exhilarating citrus fragrance awakens and refreshes the senses. Moisture so fresh, so light, your skin feels "just showered" all day long and this formula helps protect against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

For more info, check out Loreal Paris website here.

It does gives you a fresh feel, when you applied it on your skin, which I think you are going to love during this summer time.
The one for Latin america has a different packaging, so just make sure to read all the information, before purchase, (since I don't have access to that one, just the one I bought here in pty) well, I can't assure you exactly how it will look or feel, either way I will show you how mine looks like...theoretically speaking, it should be the exactly the same, the only thing that might change is the packaging.

This is the one for Latin America.. The packaging is almost the same, just that here it is divided , there are ones for normal to dry skin and another from combination to oily skin, which is the one I bought. 

This packaging those looks different than the other.

This is the gel consistency it has.

very light and your skin does feels fresh when applied.
Either ways, this is just an idea, you can visit your local drugstore and see if they have it and give it a try, I can't tell you the price, I looked in the online pharmacy stores and it doesn't show, so I owe you that info.

Overall, for me, this is the best moisturizer I have tried so far for a tropical humid weather, so if it's so great for this kind of weather, should do wonders for summer time anywhere else.

Hope it was helpful! Talk to you later, bye!
Loreal HYDRAFRESH Moisturizer normal to oily skin SPF 15
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