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May 24, 2011

Maybelline Stiletto and Colosal Mascara

Hi Beauty Viewers! I am reporting myself with some beauty news and recommendations!
First of all, I know I still own you the small NYX haul, it's coming, just I was eagor to try it, so I can post a haul/review...we'll see :P
O know I have been saying that the Maybelline Colosal Mascara is my MUST HAVE mascara at the moment...later I try out the Maybelline Stiletto Mascara and didn't like it....and pretty much stop trying to make it work and never really tried mixing them up...till tonight...

Yeah, you saw this pic before, this is how my lashes look like without mascara

And this is when I apply both mascaras!...Love it!!
I think they look awesome! Do look thicker and longer!

I mean,m they don't look like fake lashes...-.-' ...but they do look really nice....hahahah my humble opinion! LOL

What I did is add 3 coats in total. First coat was the Colosal Mascara, creating volume and then when it was dry enough, added the Stiletto Mascara, wait it to dry out and finish it with a 3rd coat of Stiletto...that is it!

It should be lengthening first and then volumen!...in theory! But some rules and meant to be broken! And this one just works for me! :P

Bottom line, love the mascaras!!
Cons: Well, after so many coats it can get clumpy, so be careful...well...actually since first one :P...just use a lash brush to clean up the extra product or as much as you can.

Well beauty lovers, if you have tried 2 mascaras and can get a better effect on your lashes, please let me know!!

BTW both mascaras are in a range of around US$10.00 here in PTY, otherwise you can find them cheaper in the states in any drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS.

Maybelline Stiletto and Colosal Mascara
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  1. voy a comprarmela en este festival que viene :D

  2. la verdad es que nunca he comprado la stileto parece q da un buen efecto pero prefiero las de volumen

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