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May 23, 2011

Rings Haul!

Hi beauty viewers! Today I want to share with you a super small haul! It' all about the rings! LOL
I was looking for rings long time ago, but not really took the time to get them, these weekend I was on Albrook Mall (a huge mall in here in Panama City), and we just visit a store here called "La Oca Loca", which I will translate into "The Wacky  Goose" (but not really sure if I am doing it right :P)...anyways and I was not thinking on buying anything, but bump into a ring section and got crazy!
This store has very accesible and cheap prices, but sometimes cheap doesn't last long, so I tend to be careful when I go to these kind of stores, however sometimes you also find really good stuff on bargain!
Let's start...

This is just to show you the bag and logo of the store. You can see the goose there...jajaj cute!

I just got 6 rings, I was looking for different colors.

Here is to a closer look.

You can see here the size of them, not too big and not too small. Form me was the right size.

They are made with metal, I am guessing.

Isn't this butterfly cute?!

And they were only US$0/79 cents each! You can't bit that! LOL

And they were all adjustable.

The only one bigger is this green flower, and is the only one also with a flaw, the metal reflection ball in the center looks kinda broken, but like it anyways and took it. For US$0.79 cents, you can ask for much and still look ok for me! :P

Love this ones and the colors are so pretty!

This is how the green one looks like.

This is one of the ones that look like heart shaped. I had it backwards. LOL

The butterfly one! Super cute!

So that's it, and didn't spent too much, around US$5.00 only, not bad ha?
I pass at NYX too and got some items and a few thing in a drugstore, but thought it will be such a long post, so come back tomorrow, will add that one then!
Excuse my nails, I need to redo them :P
Hope you all guys had a great weekend! Talk to you later! bye!
Rings Haul!
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