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May 21, 2011

Mac Haul (Mac Workshop in La Riviera)

Hello Beauty viewers! Ileana here! Making a new Haul Blog Post, this time is MAC's turn!
Today I went to a MAC workshop, it lasted 2 hours in the Country Marriot Hotel. It was my first MAC Makeup Workshop ever! Was really excited. However, it has it's goods and bads. Let's talk first about the Haul and then I'll give you my thoughts on the workshop (mostly, cuz probably you guys are more eager to see the haul that what happened in the workshop! :P, which I get it! :P)

Classic MAC bag >.<'

These are the products I selected.  I was eager to try out a MAC liquid foundation and this one was showed on the workshop, got my attention and also remembered some YT reviews about it, so gave it a try. You can also see here a concealer, finishing powder and a brush cleanser. Let's take a close look.

This is how products packaging looks like.

This is the Studio Sculp Foundation Packaging

This foundation has 15SPF, which I appreciate it, will prefer more, but I think is better than nothing or I am asking too much LOL :P

Is tube design

which means you have to squeeze to take out the product, and I think is better than a foundation packaging without a pump, which usually happens. And a personal opinion, it really doesn't bother, I think you get a better control of the product. The tube contains 40ml/1.3oz.

My shade is NC30, and it was explain in the workshop, that if you need to cover redness or blemishes you should use a NC, cuz it has yellow undertones which cancels all the redness. NW is if you have spots, greens or blues undertones, so it cancels them up.

Let's pass now to concealer. This is the packaging of the Select Cover-Up

It's really small, but a small amount goes a long way. It's 10ml/0.33 oz

The packaging is also a squeeze tube

I maintain the same opinion, is actually better control of the product and more hygienic...may I say?...
The shape I was offered was the NC35 for the concealer, the good thing about the counter is that they offer samples to try out, so you can get your shade...however doesn't mean that you'll get the help right away , the nice or professional way. However I was lucky to be attended by a nice girl (I was lucky, but still had to wait some time there)...anyways moving on..

This was one of the products I was most excited to get, my sister-in-law purchase this finishing powder and when she use it, she look amazing! (also the fast she is pretty helps too!  LOL :P) So I got mine too!

As you can see in the pic, this is from the Prep-Prime line, is a finishing powder. It has a white look, but it comes out transparent when you blend it out. It has 9g/0.32 oz

This is how the packaging looks like.

This is important, try to keep it seal at all times, so it doesn't get messy and loose a lot of product.

The protecting stickers is really good, you can peel off a bit and take it back as it was and still be seal.

The jar looks small, but again a little goes a long way.

You can see here the powder looks white, but as I said before it goes transparent at the end, and what it claims is that seals the makeup and leaves porcelain finish.

Last but not least, this caught my attention during the workshop. I usually clean my brushes with Johnson Baby Shampoo and it's been ok, but I have seen some brushes that lost the shape (also could be me too...not blaming the product or brush only), so I decided to try out the MAC Brush Cleanser.

This is how the packaging and product looks like.

They say at the workshop it disinfect the brushes ans the same time as it cleans them. The part I am very excited to test it, is that they claimed it dries in 5 mtns...we'll see if it's true...wait for the review!... It bring 235ml/7.9 and the prices was US$16.00...probably you'll find it cheaper in the states...for me I found it fair, considering the brand...and I haven't found anything like that here at a good price yet...

It has a pink color and the smell is...you could resemble it to a soap with alcohol maybe?...As long as it desinfect and clean brushes, I am happy! LOL

It has this pump applicator.

 Ok, guys! this is it! A small MAC haul.
Regarding the workshop, since I don't think people are interesting about it, I 'll resume it.
Pretty much, was a good workshop,, the makeup artist where really nice and very informative, They tried to connect with the public, which is nice...bottom line it was pretty good.

The bads: (with the ticket you purchased to participate on the workshop, you were able to cash it in products, for the amount you spend on the ticket, so after the show, you where supposed to get back to the store to get shop products, some shopping)
The workshop should have started at 10:00am and we where told to arrive 15mnts before and it was delay for 30mtns...so if you arrived earlier , like they asked you, you lost 45mnts waiting. 
When we arrived to the MAC stand on the La Riviera store, it was madness, so unorganized and the customer service was really bad, they didn't even attended you or look at you, actually the manager (as he presented like that there) was attending a woman, that looked like those women with money and position, and I could see maybe the other girls trying, but still the service was really bad, they always have this attitude, like if you don't look important or that you have money to buy, the just don't pay attention to you and go for the big fishes, which I think is wrong, cuz is not the first time I have that service, and not only me, my sister-in-law experience it too (which i feel embarrassed cuz she is not from here) and I have asked to another girls, and have told me the same, so it's nothing personal, is just a fact!
I saw a younger girl waiting like me in a corner, (cuz they were moving from side to side, without asking you for permission to pass, they just pass next to you and if they touched you or pretty much moved you from ur spot...we'll don't expect any apologies) and she just got in front of a girl asking her is she could take the products she wanted and go to the cashier and the girl tried to assist her. Actually that girl was the best option at the moment, she was the only one who was more polite. So I waited for the girl to come back and tackle (is a matter of speech, i didn't physically tackle her LOL) her before anybody else, otherwise, if you didn't get aggressive, you'll stay there for ever!  So I would think about it twice to participate on the next workshop there. And by the way, even though it was really good, talking about the workshop alone, I think that information, you can learn it from the YT gurus and subscribing to the makeup brands, that usually have video tips and stuff.

So, bottom line, it was an new experience, good and bad, but I was able at the end to get something I needed anyways, so I try to see the glass half full.

That is all for today my beauty viewers! See you in my next post! Take care! Bye!
Mac Haul (Mac Workshop in La Riviera)
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