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May 11, 2011

Maybelline Colosal Review Mascara

Hi Guys! I have another beauty review for you, the Maybelline Colosa Mascara. I am sure most of you know it already.

This is my favorite mascara ever!! The only one i use at the moment! Try it last year and love, I am currently on my second one! LOL
I wanted to show you what it does for me. Take a look at the pictures below. (I am not wearing makeup to make it more objective, remember we are testing a mascara, nothing else)
This is how my lashes look without mascara:

I think I have a fair length for lashes, not too long and not too short...pretty much basic I would say...so what i want is volume. I culr my lashes and apply the Maybelline Colosal Mascara and here is how it looks:

I makes my lashes thicker and fuller, pretty much want I wanted, so I classify this as victory!!
I used waterproof for better hold. Really don't care about the smell, personally smell is not an issue for me regarding products. Just be careful how you style your lashes, cuz once is dry it will stay like that, if you style it in the wrong way, it might bother you all day, try to make all lashes to stand alone and not to touch in the corners (top and bottom, if you know what i mean)
I have seen bad review for this mascara, but it really works for me, so it's your call!

See you in another post! Take care, bye!

Colosal pic source: http://www.maybelline.com/
Maybelline Colosal Review Mascara
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