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May 10, 2011

OPI Nail Polish Review

Hi guys! I have been a little lost, but I am not feeling good, I think I might be getting a cold or something...probably the change of weather here in Panama, from summer to rainy season...anyways..
I am here today to share with you a nail polish review!
Here in Panama OPI is kinda expensive, you can see it around US$9-US$10...hopefully I found a place where they sell it at US$5-ish!! So I took advantage and chose 2 colors.
One is a orangy-neautral color and the other one is a golden-sparling color. I really like summer nail polish color, mostly because here in Panama we are mostly all year in summer…well, kinda :P

As you can see in the first photo, the orange one has a pearl finish, but that same effect leaves a very visible lines finish, you can see the bristles on the nail, which personally don’t like, so to take of that I pass the golden sparkling color on top, a very light coat and it fix the problem, also gives a nice shimmery look to the nails.
My idea was to test the orange color alone and also add a coat of the golden one on top originally, cuz I thought the combination will be interesting and I actually liked the result.
Unfortunable I can’t tell you the name of the nail polish, didn’t find it at the bottom like usually, I think they took it out..dunno, will have to check again…if you are interested in knowing the name of the nail polish let me know and I’ll find it.
Hope to see you guys later, take care bye!
OPI Nail Polish Review
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  1. Where they sell the enamel here in Panama? please I want buy it

  2. @Yitzel Castro: Hola Yitzel. En Albrook Mall hay varios quioscos en donde puedes encontrar la marca OPI y China glaze, en los que estan en frente del 1er food court (planta baja). Gracias por visitar y Saludos =D