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Apr 13, 2011

Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster late review

Hi Guys! Yes! You read it right, this is a late review, cuz i got my Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster long time ago, but never got the time to post, it...yeah! I know, lame excuse! hahah but I am working on it, better late than never! :P
So I wanted to show you how this beautiful kit looks like..***now, unfortunately this kit was a limited edition, and is no longer available, but Sephora has so many amazing products, if you are interested, go check out their website http://www.sephora.com/ ***

These are a bunch of pics, so bear with me! :P

the packaging is soooo cute,elegant and sleek!

You can carry it like a purse...but not use it as a purse :P

And of course the Sephora color scheme signature, beautiful!

Signature also in the bac

it opens in here
Like so...

And we have our first layer, it comes with the eyeshadows, left warms colors and right cool colors

We open a bit more and we can see the lipstick layer underneath

Underneath the warm color eyesahdows, we have the warm color lipsticks...OMG!!

the same for the cool colors....amazing!!

Next to the lipstick are 4 cream eyeliners and you can see 5 empty spots, those are for 2 lip liners and 3 eye liners!

Before the lipstick, are the blushes

Here is a better look, with a very cute mirror and 2foam applicators, and 1 mini brushe

Better look here

Here is a better shot of the right side

Here a better shot of the left side

Each eyeshadow layer comes with a plastic cover

 This kit is a really complete and the title is self explanatory, endless combinations you can create with.
I have am planning to film a few tutorials using this kit, so stay tone!
Eye-shadows are sooooo pigmented!!
I never had any product from sephora and didn't know the quality of it, and the first thing i put on in my face was the darker blush that i use as a bronzer. I took a small amount and pass it on my face to contour and when i saw myself in the mirror, i looked like a clown, the blush is sooooooooooo pigmented like that! I was sooooo amaze!! Sephora's products are that good!...try it and be the judge! hahha

Take care and see you in the next post!
Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster late review
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