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Apr 13, 2011

POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics

Hi Guys! Today I am in the best mood! Just 2 more day for the weekend! Yei!

Dunno if you have this problem, but I have HUGE pores, so a use of a primer is a MUST for me when I apply my foundation. I have used Loreal Studio Secrets and MAC pre-primer, but I also got my hands on the POREfessional by Benefits Cosmetics, and it's really gooddd! When I apply it, I can see it does makes my pores look smaller...now, they don't go away at all, but reduce the size of them, which is like...the best option I can find right now!
Here are some pics of the product.

Regarding the prices, well...I saw it online between US$28-US$30 (depending where you buy it), but here in Panama I got it on discount in 15$ on a new store that just opened, so I was lucky.
I mean it does do what is says, but pretty much doesn't do more than that, so if you are looking for something that minimizes your pores, you can look for any primer, it will do the same, a cheaper option is the Studio Secrets by Loreal at US$10.00 (online, maybe cheaper if you find it on CVS or any other drugstore with those sales by 1 and the other one for free)
If you just loveeeeeeeeeee Benefits Cosmetics, this ones is going to best your new best friend!
So, it really depends on your preference and likes. Bottom line is that it does do what it says! That is a plus!
It's good for scaring too and for mature faces, but if you are a young girl I recommend to use this and a mineral or powder foundation.

Hope it was helpful! Talk to you later!
POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics
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  1. deberia haber puesto algunas imagenes con el producto ya puesto, tengo q hacer mi review pronto