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Jul 22, 2011

Skin Care Routine Updated (day) Part 3 Neutrogena Deep Clean toner for combination to oily skin

Hello Beauties!
Is time to talk a bit about toners. As a continuation for my Skin Care Routine Updated (day).
Toners are specially to clean any left over of makeup, dirty or oil in you skin, that the cleanser might left. It also helps to tighten the skin and shrink the appearance of pores.
Toners are not recommended for sensitive skin, it might give a burn feeling. For normal to dry skin is better to try a mild toner, up t0 10% alchohol, if you need a toner, otherwise you can skip this step, again, depends on your skin and needs. Usually for people with dry and sensitive skin,a toner is too abrasive, so be careful.
In another hand, is really good for combintation-oily skin, but remember after using it, you need to moisturize your skin, IS A MUST! The toner will finish cleaning your skin, but it will get it dry, so after that, you need to moisturize your face, or your skin will create excess of oil trying to compensate the lack of moisture, that is why you moisturize your face all the time, every day, doesn't matter if you have normal, dry, sensitive or combinatio to ily skin, moisturize your face is a must!
The toner I suse dauly is Neutrogena Deep Clean toner for combination to oily skin:

This bottle,as you can see, contains 200ml, it could last you from 3-6 months, using it twice a day. Perfect for combination to oily skin.

You can apply it with cotton. I use this cotton pad. Any cotton pad you use to remove your makeup.

Again, this product can be found in any drugstore at a very affordable price, here in pty is around US$7.00 - 8.00 in Farmacias Arrocha, you can also find it in Supermercados Riba Smith.
I was looking online (for USA reference), and the price may vary. You can find it in the same price or even less, as for other countries, you can contact or ask, in your local drugstore.

As I mentioned before, after, you need to moisturize, so you can check my review on the Loreal Paris HYDRAFRESH light gel moisturizer (english version) and for spanish version here.

Only missing 2 more items, see you in my  next post!
Skin Care Routine Updated (day) Part 3 Neutrogena Deep Clean toner for combination to oily skin
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