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Jun 20, 2011

OPI nail Polish and earrings Haul

Hi beauty viewers!

I am so sorry I had been lost for so many weeks, was sick for about 2 weeks and after that had to pick up with work, so not fun at all! L
Last Friday a co-worker borrow me a Revlon Nail polish she purchased at the USA on one of her trips, she knew I was looking for a teal color, she brought me a mint color, not a teal per se, but still sooooo beautiful!! Loved it! Use it all weekend and it does goes very well with my skin! Is Revlon Minted 85.
It was a nice gesture from my worker friend, but then I thought, what if I wanted to use it again, so uncomfortable to be asking her for nail polishes…so I decided this weekend was my quest for new nail polishes, and was very hopeful to find a close color to this beautiful mint matte nail polish or a teal one.
So Sunday morning I asked my husband to pass at the China Town in Dorado, wish is an area full of Chinese stores, to see if I could find my nail polishes. There is a store I go once a while, called Happy Smile, where I have been getting all my OPI nail polish.
So, there we stop and guess what I found?...the color and of course, some other attracted me too, they were calling my name!! LOL I was looking at the nail polishes, trying to think which ones to get and picked up 4, but I try to handle my budget and since I did spent a lot for the past week or so, I said to myself I will not spent on something I don’t need, so just took 3 and the girl that was attending, said: “If you buy 3 the 4th ones is FREE”…and of course, who can refuse to get free products, so it was like meant to be! LOL
 I took my 4 colors, all bright ones, and only paid for 3! It wasn’t so expensive either, they were US$5.95.

They sell very nice things in the store, Chinese trend clothes (which are sooo cute, but too small to fit me!:P)
Accessories like belts,  sun glasses, headbands, phone accessories ,etc.)
The girl that usually attends me is super nice, love to go back and see what they have.

I also picked up a headband that for me was really cute and in a baby blue, perfect contrast for my dark hair color!
 So now, some pics to illustrate everything!
Here ya go!

This is the bag they gave me, so sleek in black..i loveee black! :P

Here you can see the name odf the shop, Happy Smile, very cute name

Here is my small purchase, the 4 OPI Nail polishes and the headband, we called them "Vinchas" here in PTY! :P

These are the 4 nail polishes, as you can see they are all bright colors, and the last one at the right is the mint color I was looking for! I owe you the names guys, SORRY! They only bring the number, if that helps? HOwever, you can see the bright colors, (from left to right):
Bright pink-ish matte tone, awesome matte yellow, shimmery purple and a minty matte as the last one.

Here is how they wrap my headband, with a cure purple clover flowers!

Here is a closer look at the side decoration of gems, on the side, is the one thing that  sold me out the idea. I think si super cute!

Another angle

And it has a cute bow at the end.

Here is just a sample of the flyer they gave me, see all the pretty chinese girl and the clothes? Really nice, but  honestly, I think I will have to loose 60 pounds to be able to fit in those clothes! LOL :(

I was also in the need for new earrings. See, it’s kinda difficult for me to wear earrings that are not wood or plastic, cuz metal irritates my skin, plus the heat and humidity, gives me a horrible rash, so I usually go for a more handmade wood-style earrings, cuz the girl loves wearing earrings!! LOL

So, I usually go to an Indian store here called “El Sol de la India”, which can be translating into “The Indian Sun”. They have from house accessories to clothes, everything so nice and authentic, and when you get inside the store you can tell is Indian for the strong incense smell.

I went directly to the accessories shelf and found some cute wooden earrings and here are some pics if them, to explain them better. Before I forget, the were in the range between US$2.98-3.98

Just picked up 3, the only ones I found interesting

This ones are so different, from anything I have used. I think they are very interesting. This ones look kinda like African looking, of course I am sooo wrong, since I got them from and Indian shop, but the designs and texture of the earrings give me that idea.

You can see the price here and the store logo. This are regular shapes earrings.

Here is a closer look at the earrings. Very regular shape, but always loved wooden-handmade earrings anyways!

They have a little white-yellow bid on top, with a details design

The last one is a square shape earrings

Very nice, not the usual shape, which I love

 It has a circle  shaped decoration, with the little white-yellow bid on top, with a details design
So yeah, that was my last minute purchase. 
I actually had some other hauls I need to publish and will do it this week.
Thta is for today beauty viewers, talk to yo later alligator!
OPI nail Polish and earrings Haul
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