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May 19, 2011

ELF (eyeslipsface) Review

Hi Guys! Another beauty review here! It's been crazy and I am so tired :( ...a lot of work, freelance, etc! Wish I could take a vacation!!! LOL Anyways, getting back to the review. I do not have a lot of items from ELF, but I thought it will be interesting to share with you my opinions, maybe it could help you decide to get something later or not. I really like the reviews I watch online, I think it really helps to decide to try a product or not.
Here are the items: Most of them are LipGloss and one Lip Stain

These lip glosses are from ELF Essential Line.
Let's start with the  Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine. This Lipgloss is super pigmented, I was really surprised. Just be careful, if you put too much it can get really tacky and sticky. It's very thick and it does feels heavy on the lips, so you need to apply a small amount, however they are very moisturizing.
It comes with an angle lip shape applicator, which I appreciate.
This is how it looks.

 Take a look at the swatches now:

The first 2 swatches are the ones for the glosses. The red one first and the light pink second one. Unfortunate, I don't have them here to tell you the names, but will look for it and get back to you asap.

Now let's talk about the next item.

This is the Studio Minty Lip Gloss (is also from the Studio line), as you can see it has a golden sparkles reflection. I really love this gloss, the taste and smell is sweet, i really like it, is really minty.You can feel your lips tingle. The packaging is pretty and sleek. Is moisturizing and soft. The color is kinda sheer. I will recommend this one a lot, I am thinking in ordering a few more :P

This is how the wand looks like, is a regular wand shape.

The swatch for this one is the third one. The red/orange color, I had in here 2-3 coats, that is why looks so pigmented. 

Last, but not least, let's talk about the Studio Lip Stain (as you can see for the name, is from the studio line).

This is actually the least favorite. The consistency is weird, is neither creamy nor thick, is maybe a gel like texture. I can't really explain. It's really hard to blend and if are not careful, you might leave the mark of the tip applicator in your lips when it dries. The color is not so flattering on me, but still a pretty color. Is not really long lasting, at least for being a lip stain. It has a matte finish, that is why it has a gloss to finish the look.
This is how the wand applicator looks like. Is in angle, which I appreciate.

And even though, you wait a long time, maybe 1/2 hour for the stain to dry, it will still transfer to the lipgloss. Not very happy about it. So, what I do, is apply the stain and instead of the the other end lipgloss, I apply the Studio Minty Lip Gloss and is a win! LOL

And the swatch of the Lip Stain is the last swatch at the end, that pink color, see it has not glow or reflection.

OK, girls! That is it, hope it was helpful! If you had use any ELF product, leave a comment below, would love to know what you think.


PS: If you want to take a look at the products on the site, click here.
ELF (eyeslipsface) Review
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  2. @Anonymous hay 2 tiendas en Panama que vende ELF, una se llama Curiosidades Ahma y la otra si mal no recuerdo se llama Alheli Boutique, buscalas en Facebook. No tienen gran variedad, pero algo es algo, lo demas que tengo me lo manda mi hermana :P

  3. Hola!!! mil gracias x su coment!! en efecto en Curiosidades Ahma tenemos algunas piezas, estamos tratando de aumentar nuetro stock con los productos q ustedes prefieren , a mi en lo particular me gusta muchisimo el primer studio y los limpiadores de brochas! xoxo!

  4. ileanaaaa swatches en los labiooooos!!!

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