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Aug 27, 2010

Nail Polish

Hi guys

I love to have my nails done, but sometimes is hard to get the time to go to the beauty salon and get them done, so i am trying to get back to do my nails by myself again and started to look for a nice nail polish.  I love french manicure, but trying to get the white line straight is not so easy, maybe some girl are lucky to have the skill, but others, like me, it's more difficult, however is a matter of practicing or using shortcuts to do it. I bought a Maybelline nail polish, it has such a beautiful color! I really like it, i was mostly trying to get a color close to the french color manicure, but this one got my attention.

Now, it is definitely not for a french manicure (and not for a 29 years old married woman like me hahhah) it does has a nice pearl finish, very nice, but i will recommend it to teens more than women, on teen girls would look so lovely and again everything is a matter of taste.  But the thing i love the most was how fast it dried up! LOVE that on a nail polish! So will recommend this for people on a rush.  Now you better try to apply it better than me, but i think even thought you do it right, it does leaves the lines of the brush very define, but i think might be because of the pearl color finish, i have to buy a dark one or other one to try my theory, will let you know.
Nail Polish
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