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Aug 25, 2010


Ok, i live in Panama, Republic of Panama and we have a tropical (a  lot of humidity) weather, so most of the time is really hot and you sweat a loot!! Unless of course you are inside an office or place with a/c all day long. Dunno how other women do, but when i go out, my makeup melts or evaporate (if i may say it like that, to make a statement) and i ended up with a messy makeup, and when i sweat and wipe my face with a tissue my makeup stays in the tissue, so i ended up with no makeup on, making me re-apply again (not really what i am looking for).  For years i have been using a brand that i felt comfortable for so long (CoverGirl), and had done wonders for me, but lately i had the urge to get more involve in the beauty niche, looking at hair styles, make up recommendations, video tutorials and found myself having fun trying new things (but not really new, it's been there forever, i just found out! hahah) and i have found my perfect make up combination, just that i use like 4 or more brands to create a whole look, but it has done the job really good! So little by little will explain what i have discovered and what works with me and hopefully my experience will encourage girls to try and found their own combination, but mostly important having fun doing it! Unfortunately, i have to tell you that you will have to invest, cuz you might not get everything right the first time, but don't worry, I will tell you all the secrets to save money and if you can't afford expensive brand, let me tell you drug store brands are good for you, your budget and do the job!!!
Hope you enjoy my info, please leave a comment and have fun!
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