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Jan 2, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos. Anuncios: Giveaways y Fusion of Color Cosmetics / Happy New Year + Announcements and Fusion of Color Cosmetics

¡Hola mis bellezas!
Quería saludarle y espero hayan tenido linda fiestas y un maravilloso Año Nuevo =D
Que este nuevo año este lleno de nuevas esperanzad, sueños y oportunidades para todos ustedes =D

Quería compartir con ustedes algunos anuncios sobre:

Les dejo toda la información en el video, si lo quieren ver solo hagan clic aquí.

Quiero aprovechar y darle mis mas sinceras gracias por todo el apoyo que me brindaron en el 2012, no tienen idea lo agradecida que estoy con todos sus comentarios, sugerencias, recomendaciones a través de todas mis redes sociales Facebook, Twitter, Canal de Yotutube e Instagram, ustedes son lo máximo y lo que he logrado en Ileana Recommends es gracias a su apoyo =D
Espero poder contar con su apoyo durante este nuevo año, en el que estoy segura vienen con muchas oportunidades para todos y muchas sorpresas en Ileana Recommends.

Muchas Gracias mi gente bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hi Dolls!
I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year, full of new opportunities and success! =D
I wanted to say Thank you to all of you who support me all 2012, it means the world to me reading all your comments, suggestions, recommendatios, they are so meaningful to me and I really, really appreciate it so much!
All I have achieved last 2012 is thanks to you! You guys are awesomeeeeeeeeeee!

A few Announcements:
  • Giveaways:
Ok, I had to post pone my giveaways. I found out, here in Panama is not as easy as other countries to do giveaways, so right now I am doing research for the best way to do it. Don't think I have forgot about you huys, I bought a lot of presents and was ready to do them when I found out I have to follow sone guidelines. Hopefylly I will be able to start doing my giveaways this year =D I am always thinking of a way to say thanks to you and what a best way with giveaways =D So, keep an eye on that.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of working in collaboration with Fusion of Color Cosmetics, it's an honor =D
What does this means? I will be creating looks using their products often as well as doing reviews.
Just to clarify, I will not get paid for the reviews or anything, don't believe this will affect my personal opinion, as far as I am concern my reviews will always be 100% honest, so you can be sure everything will stay the same. The idea is to give honest opinions, so you guys can see if the product might work for you or not.

Fusion of Color Cosmetics has also an Affiliate Program, if you are interested, please click here to go to the page for more information.

Thanks for being with me in this journey, we'll have a blast this 2013!
Big hugsss!! =D

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Feliz Año Nuevo a todos. Anuncios: Giveaways y Fusion of Color Cosmetics / Happy New Year + Announcements and Fusion of Color Cosmetics
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  1. Feliz año guapa también para ti !!!!



  2. @Ginger: Feliz año nuevo linda Gingerrrrrrrrrrr Abrazosss