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Mar 28, 2012

Hautelook Event Today! 8am PST

Hello my beauty viewers!
Today Hautelook has a Skinn Cosmetics Event starting at 8am Pacific time PST!
Here is a little inside of Skinn Cosmetics at Hautelook:

Skinn was launched in 2002 the questions most asked were “How are you going to do it? How are you going to give us more products, better products, and keep them at a comparable price?” The answer was really quite simple. We learned that the money at the highest levels of the big cosmetics houses is not spent on the product. In fact, it seems to go everywhere but the product: ad campaigns, department store counter space, Park Avenue offices, and, most of all, packaging. Believe it or not, most companies spend more money on the container and fancy boxes than on the product that’s inside. Here at Skinn we focus on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks.

Skinn Cosmetics incorporates the time-honored methods of mothers and grandmothers who made their own soaps, toners and masks at home using pure, natural ingredients. These classic traditions combined with the most advanced technology and delivery systems available differentiate Skinn from all other cosmetic brands. Skinn treatment and color cosmetics are famously full of actives, yet devoid of unnecessary water, fillers, or excess packaging. To ensure the highest quality possible, Skinn built its own production facility at the company’s Southern California headquarters. Today, Skinn is a top selling international brand on ShopNBC (USA), The Shopping Channel (Canada) and Television Shopping Network (Australia).

Skinn Cosmetics are available only through www.skinn.com, live televised home shopping, and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. This careful distribution strategy has allowed us to reach the maximum amount of people, while keeping overhead very low. We don’t have expensive retail shops or New York office suites; you won’t see costly magazine or prime time TV ads. What we do have are some of the finest cosmetics ever made. You’ll see the difference!

Our company motto is “Bringing Beauty to the World”. We live this every day in what we do and how we make you look.

If you want even more information, you can visit Hautelook site here.

Unfortunatelly, Hautelook only shipped withing the United States, so sorry for my international viewers! :(
Hope you can take advantage of this event and if you have tried anything from Skinn Cosmetics, leave your comments below! Will love to know what you think!

Disculpen mis lectores de habla hispana, aquí les traigo un post para un evento (de compra con ofertas en linea) de Hautelook de la marca Skinn Cosmetics, lamentablemente el site solo hace envíos a USA, por ende no me pareció relevante traducir el post entero a español, si ni siquiera les puedo dar la oportunidad de hacer la compra. Espero me disculpen.
Han probado algo de esta marca llamada Skinn Cosmetcis, es nueva para mi.
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