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Feb 3, 2012

Gift Cards Giveaway Update! Sneakpeeq sale and Goodies!

Hello my beauty viewers!
I decided to create this post for you guys, to give you an idea of all the goodies and sales senakpeeq offers you everyday.

All these screen shot are from my account.

Take a look at the next image:

Look at this gorgeous necklace.
You can see how the Retail Price is been lowered to a Sneakpeeq Price to Your Price. Now imagine having a 20% discount off for entering my giveaway, not only that! Add winning the US$10.00 Gift card? Can you picture yourself getting a beautiful necklace at US$7.20, when the original price was US$55.00? Isn't that amazing?

Now, let's talk exactly how it works.

Sneakpeeq offers different kinds of products: Housewares, Apparel, Accessories, Gourmet food, Beverages, and more.
Every day, sneakpeeq places a new set of amazing products from new brands on the site (these sale are short-live, which means they are not . Then they take what they know about you as a sneakpeeq shopper (aka "peeqer") and present you with 3 products that the think you'll like the most.

The next image is great options for this Valentine Day!

I just fell in love with these box of chocolates! Isn't a great idea for you girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or friend? And look at the prices!!

Now, what would you do if you could get 20% off on your next purchase and an opportunitty to win a US$25.00 or a US$10.00 Gift certificate! Sound good isn't it?
Well, this is your chance! Participate on my Giveaway now! Go to my blog post here and follow the rules, is super easy!
Hope you all can participate! Good luck!
Gift Cards Giveaway Update! Sneakpeeq sale and Goodies!
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