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Jul 29, 2011

Lipsmacker and Palladio tinted lip balm

Hi Beauties!
Don't know about you, but I need to use lip balms regularly. I was introduce, again, cuz of my sister to the Lipsmacker! I know is a teens brand, but thr balms are so soft, creamy, have great taste and smell, so bottom line have all the elements I need and some other plus that make them perfect, most of all the do the work, don't know why but if my lips start getting a bit chapped, I apply these lipsmackers and problems solved. I tried other brands and no other did the work like these ones. So again, maybe is just me :P

Now, the lipsmacker I am using is really sheer, but for a lip balm, not really need more, but later on, I found out that Palladio has tinted lip balm and since my lipsmacker was running low, I thought, well it would be an opportunitty to try something new and I was happy to own my first tinted lip balm (here in Panama we don't get as many brands that have tinted lip balm).

Let's take a look at the lipsmacker:

As you can see is super sheer, but again, do the job more than fine!

Normal application for a lip balm

Like I mentioned before, I am really happy with the lipsmacker, but why not having the same benefits, plus some color on my lips.

Here is the Palladio Tinted Balm:

This was is in Golden Pink
So, like the name says, is like a rosy pink with golden sparkles.

Now let's see the comparison with both, together:

The lipsmacker is barely visible, and the palladio is still a bit sheer, but the  it does brings more color  vs the lipsmacker. Now maybe in the picture, you can appreciate the pigmentation of the tinted balm, it should be maybe one layer more intense. 

What I like about the Palladio Tinted Lip Balm, is that does moisturize and gives a nice tint to my lips, perfect for those days when I just need a break from makeup (pretty much when is super super HOT!) of when I am in a rush, I just have one in my purse, so in case I need to re-touch or apply it on the go.

I think this is perfect for summer time and I just got this one, there are so many other shades you can choose from, since I didn't know if I will like it, I just bought one, probably later will go back for more! :P

What do you prefer for a lip balm???

Talk to you later guys! bye!
Lipsmacker and Palladio tinted lip balm
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