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Apr 26, 2011

Mother's Day Week Tribute #2

Hi Guys!
Today I want to share with you another gift idea for Mother's Day, this one is from Elizabeth Arden.They have a section of Gifts in their website that offers you several prices and product options. I found very accessible prices starting at US$19.50 for example the Eight Hour Cream Skincare Travel Kit (image below)

This kit is perfect for dry skin. Last year we gave my sister a kit present from Elizabeth Arden that had one eight hour cream sampler and she said the cream was awesome! For winter is perfect to hydrate her skin, although works perfect for any type of weather as long as you have dry skin. So if your mom has dry skin, this it is perfect to test the product, although you have to know it does have sampler sizes in case you don't like that.

Another option is perfume, they have a very cute sampler perfume kit, look at the image below.
This kit has different lines of perfume. We gave my mom last x-mas a set from like this one and she loved them, they were so cute small and she was able to try them all and see which one she likes the most.

These are just ideas, to get a better look go to Elizabeth Arden gift section here.

Hope it was helpful! See u guys later! Bye!

Pics source: http://shop.elizabetharden.com/home/index.jsp
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