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Nov 3, 2010

Creating curls with no heat experiment #1

Hi Guys,
Dunno if you get does bad skin days, but i get them once in a while, i have oily and sensitive skin, plus I get break outs often and more if i am stress, which is most of the time :(  Can't control it yet :P
So, to be able to hide all my imperfections I used my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation (which is AWEOMSEEEE) and CoverGirl translucent powder, but i used too much and later my face looked a like cake-ish :(  because i carried away, trying to hide everything, so it back fire me at the end :P but, that is not the main topic for this post....so let's finish the commercial!! LOL

.......Now, getting back to the topic of today :P, I decided to try creating curls without using any heat device, I gave it a shot and here is the result, I think it looks good, for been the first time, just that my hair is originally with a lot of frizz and the only way I get the frizz off, is straitening my hair, but not bad for the first experiment, I think I will keep working on it, till I get it right. Also my hair is not so easy to work with either.....>_< LOL
What you guys think? Good? Bad? No comments????.... haaha LOL
Take care and talk to you later!! bye!
Creating Curls without heat
Creating curls with no heat experiment #1
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