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Oct 8, 2010

Products and Life Expectancy

Hi Guys,

Years ago i used to get my eyes sting every time I used to put my eyeshadow and mascara, what i didn't know is that every product has a time frame, i was young and loved make up, but didn't pay too much attention to it. Later my sister told me could be the mascara and asked me how long did I used it...i couldn't even remember! How bad is that!
Like everything in life, makeup also has a life expectancy and most people know it, but i thought it was a good idea to put it put there. I have noticed that some products don't come or show the expiration date, which is odd, so naturally i have to remember when i got it; what i do is write somewhere in the product the date i got it if it doesn't come with a expiration date visible.

Anyways, I found this nice list and wanted to share it with you, i place the part that is more interesting for me. If you want to read the whole article, click on the link.


Products and Life Expectancy:
this info varies a bit from what was posted above,
so use your own discretion when in doubt. this is just a guideline

- liquid, water-based :: 1 year
- liquid, oil-based :: 18 months
- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- liquid, water based :: 1 year
- liquid, oil-based :: 18 months
- cream :: up to 1 year

- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- liquid :: 6 months
- cream :: up to 1 year
- pencil :: 2 years

- cream :: up to 1 year
- tube :: 3 months

- liquid :: 1 year
- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- pencil :: 2 years

- lipstick :: up to 2 years

- lipgloss :: 6 months

Nail Polish
- nail polish :: up to 2 years

Signs to Look Out For

Signs it's Time to Trash:
- Liquid contents have separated
- It should be moist, but has dried up
- The surface is spotted and discoloured or particles are floating inside the container
- Pencil tips are coated white or grey
- Lids are coated with hardened product
- It's goopy, clumpy or the consistency has changed
- It smells bad
- The application is inconsistent
- The colour has changed

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  1. ohh i didn't realized here's the english post :S but i understood the previous one too^^